Anonymous asked: Nah, they aren't dead I promise. The BLU sniper was just worlds of pissed that he no longer had a van and had to sleep in the base like everyone else. Jonsey eventually went on to marry the scouts mother and become his stepfather~

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Anonymous asked: I'm need help. I'm so in love with Sniper i would leave my life and all behind just to get into the TF2 universe . I don't even care if he'd like me or not (i'm male tho... ._.) I just want to touch him, even if it's just his jacket. I fell in love with fictional persons before but i was never this bad.

dial 333-3333 for Snipe Alert today

Anonymous asked: Oh god no, if only Jonsey was cool. He did steal grenades off of an unconscious soldier once to let his team's scout blow up the BLU sniper's camper though. But not before Ben salvaged a bunch of metal. They're dorks. All of them.

holy shit yeah that’s way cooler than eugene he’s just wicked with his huntsman and sometimes does trick shots by himself. 

BUT RIP BLU SNIPER I THINK„, now homeless if anything go live with soldier but he’s probably dead too????

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Anonymous asked: I have a sniper named Jonsey who is a RED team sniper from Beerwah Australia u3u He's my ever loving precious bab with a constant 5 o'clock shadow and sweet hazel eyes. His best friend is the Engi of his team named Benjamin, and they are best mates!

holy shit what a babe.

if only eugene was as cool as this guy………….

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Now I feel worse for Fitzpatrick.

From the description

"This song was specifically composed to torture pianists, which I could have guessed after playing through the game. The reason is the middle part, which lacks any distinct melody, chord progression or rhythm (or maybe I just can’t see them). There’s not a single repitition in that part, which makes it a sheer test of your will to get through. Took me about a year."

"This is the 13th take”


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please talk to me about sniper

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please message me and talk to me about your sniper ocs

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it’s been almost a year and a half since animal crossing new leaf came out and I sTILL DONT HAVE THE WOODEN BRIDGE.

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sniper with koalas (´▽`) koala originally designed by zjadacz chleba


sniper with koalas (´▽`) 

koala originally designed by zjadacz chleba

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