pumpkleine-deactivated20131121 asked: Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it!


  1. I have a bad habit of liking things too much when I find something interesting (like tf2 or pokemon)
  2. I have a Triforce tattoo on my right wrist.
  3. I live in Pennsylvania.
  4. I turn 21 in August
  5. Eugene is my oldest “still running” OC. He is my precious baby and I love him even though he isn’t that great a character and hasn’t interacted with many other characters. ;~;
  6. Wow I’m really boring.
  7. I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time 90 times
  8. I have over 2500 hours logged in all of my pokemon games right now, at least in the ones I can find.
  9. I have a Siamese cat named Maximus, an orange Tabby cat named Lord Sandybutt Buddy, and a Husky named Shelby.
  10. This is a picture of me:
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