Basically a little under cut post about some uninteresting things.

  1. God I’m so pleased with the MTP hype right now. I’m sure more than 90% of the blogs I follow I followed because they posted a lot of TF2. Because of the lack of updates and such, the fandom slowly thinned out and blogs changed. That started a while back with Homestuck. I have nothing against it, I just don’t see the point following a homestuck blog when I have no interest in it, you know? But anyway, it’s so refreshing to see old friends post new Tf2 art after their jumps to other primary fandoms. I missed you guys ;~;) /
  2. I wish I had gotten into Transformers a while ago, lol. I don’t have the time to invest in watching it now, and I know I’m leagues behind, it’s a long, time consuming road if I do consider sitting down to watch it. But what I can say is, I think I may fall into Transformers like I fell into Team Fortress 2, and that was the art. Jenn and Rei keep posting KnockOut and Minttu draws Megatron and stuff. I don’t know a lot of the characters, but I’m kinda trying to learn their names. I GUESS WHAT I MEAN BY THIS IS I hope you guys don’t think I’m a loser who only likes the new stuff, lol. Because basically that’s all I am right now; TF wasn’t part of my childhood. But I still kinda like it, Thanks guys >8’( PS I like Starscream. ;;
  3. I really cannot find any interest in Legend of Korra. I’m not gonna unfollow anyone for posting it, I’m not gonna yell at anyone for liking it, and I literally have nothing bad to say about it. The animation is great from the one episode I did see, and the characters seem really cool. I’m just not interested in it, lol.
  4. I somehow rolled right back into Pokemon. Hard. It’s all I’ve been thinking about when I’m not thinking about Tf2, Lintu, or Ben. I just want to talk to people about cute pokemon and good teams and tech stuff, but I don’t like battling when I know I’m going to lose lol. SORRY, I SUCK. But I hope LINTU GETS A 3DS SO WE CAN PLAY BW2 TOGETHER. 8’)
  5. I miss roleplaying. Especially Eugene.
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    1) I definitely agree. I followed most of the blogs I now follow for TF2, but then they went all not-TF2 and it was…...
  2. goingloco said: After reaging this tiny white letters on black background I now see it everywhere I look…you damaged my eyes. I hope you are happy u3u *throws a pokeball at your head*
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